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Motivational Prayers for Men

Motivational Prayers for Men

by Tony Evans

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A Prayer for Health

Lord, I want to thank You for giving me my life and my body. Thank You as well for giving me the tools to serve You through my physical well-being. I pray, Lord, that You would increase my wisdom so that I can guard this temple called my body and govern myself in a healthy way. Please ward off those things that would impede me from living a fully healthy life—not only for myself, but also for my family. Let my hands, feet, legs, limbs, mind, speech, hearing, sight, and all other components of my physical body be used by You for Your maximum glory.

I trust You, Father, to use my body and to keep it strong so that I can serve You well and bring good to others. I know that when I am physically healthy, then I am better able to focus on my usefulness to You as well as to my family. I ask that You will both protect and help my family and loved ones in this area too; my desire is for them to be healthy.

Lord, You are the God who heals. If something does go wrong with regard to health in our home, would You intervene and give us insight so that we can have medical professionals help take corrective action? We are looking to You and You alone for our ultimate well-being. Thank You that You are the God who gives life, strength, and health to us. I trust You in Your ongoing care for me and my loved ones. In Christ, amen.

“We need to realize that even though life is given to us, life is not due us; it is a gift.”


A Prayer for Strength

Lord, Your Word says that when we are weak, we are actually strong. I want to be a strong man for You. I want to be the kind of man whom You can use in many ways to advance Your kingdom. I ask that You give me the strength to make the right choices in my personal spiritual walk and growth to maturity. Give me the strength as well to deal with the pressures that come to me each day. And help me to have the resolve to see all things through to completion.

Lord, I ask that You would enable me to rightly handle all my responsibilities, as well as the things that I don’t expect to come my way. When issues and difficulties arise, may I face them well and with dignity. May I grab hold of them and walk through them in full dependence upon You, leading those under my care through those situations as well. I also ask for the wisdom to know when I should hold back from making a commitment, and instead, delegate it to someone else. In Christ, amen.

“Many of God’s men are spiritually anemic because Christ is not first in their lives.”


A Prayer For Accessing the Power of God

Lord, I ask for the wisdom to make decisions about the best way to move forward in my personal life, family life, and my work. Give me the courage and strength to go against the grain when it is right to do so. May I be willing to take a stand when the odds don’t appear to be in my favor and yet I know it is You calling me and prodding me in a specific direction. Help me not to succumb to the devil’s attempts to discourage me. Help me to rely on You in those times. You give strength to the weary, and Lord, sometimes I do feel worn out. I do feel weak. I do get tired to the point of wanting to give up or throw in the towel. That’s when I need the extra strength You promise to those who look to You in a spirit of humility and dependence, like Isaiah 40 says—You renew those who wait on You and give them wings like eagles. When I want to quit, give me the resolve not to. Help me learn the art of relying on You so that I don’t carry the burdens of life on my own.

I am looking to You for Your power and provision. You alone are my strength. If I’m going to make it in this life wrought with ongoing challenges, busy schedules, and unrelenting demands, it will only be because You enable me to do so. Lord, I thank You for all that is mine through You. By faith, I believe that You are providing what I need for each moment, each hour, and each day. In Christ, amen.

“Do you want to see God’s power operating on your behalf ? Become a man of integrity who refuses to make excuses.”


A Prayer for Becoming a Better Husband

Dear Lord, You have positioned me in such a way that I am to provide the spiritual covering for my wife. First, I want to thank You for entrusting me with this high calling, and for blessing me with my life partner. I wish to cover her with Your Word and with my love. Help me, Lord, to see to her overall well-being. Give me an understanding heart toward her needs and her desires. You have said in Scripture that husbands are called to understand their wives. I want to understand my beloved—and to do so more and more with each passing day. Help me to be willing to listen to her so that I can know her more fully and understand her personality, passions, and purpose for Your kingdom. I desire to care for her better and in so doing, to even predict or anticipate her needs so that she sees my care in advance of her stating what she wants.

Help me not to view my relationship with my wife from a selfish mindset, looking at her only in terms of what she can do for me. Rather, help me to find a way to offer something of benefit to her each and every day so that she sees I am thinking about her and contributing to her well-being even when it’s not requested.

Father, I pray that You will enable me to comfort my wife when she needs comfort. Help me to encourage her when she needs encouragement. You have said I am to love her as Christ loves the church. I want to do that, Lord, but I need Your wisdom and Your Holy Spirit’s guidance about how to do that with kindness and love. Thank You for giving me the privilege of doing that as her spiritual head and leader.

In Christ, amen.

“A husband’s love is meant to be so powerful that it transforms his wife into what she should be, just as Christ’s love for the church transforms us into what we should be.”

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